“Led”, the lighting of the future (2)

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And now, with no further delay, let´s answer the big qulucesestion: how do we buy a Led light bulb without die trying.

When it comes to purchase a new bulb, the first thing we learn is that its base sort is the most important to know. We are talking about a the piece of steel, bronze or plastic all the light bulbs have. The problem comes when we do a quick search on the Internet and we realise that there are probably too many types and trying to buy a bulb could intimidate us. To make it easier, we can tell you that the E27 base is the most common medium size for light bulbs in Europe, fallowed by the E14, used especially for small candle or drop bulbs, and the MR and GU10 used for dichroic lights. We have to look for a G24 for our spotlights and a G9 or G4 will come in hand if we have chandeliers or built-in lights. Finally know that the G13 base is for led tubes.


Despite all this information it is normal to make mistakes and we could buy the wrong bulb. The suppliers have already anticipated this and have invented adapters to iron out our mistakes or to help us when it comes to change an old light bulb with different features than the ones we prefer.


To know the colour of a light we have to pay attention to the kelvin degrees. Normal Leds emit a natural light with a range of colours, from cool white or blue to reddish, all them achieved from the white.

Sin títuloThe number of lumen will indicate us the intensity of the light; the watts will let us know the amount of energy it consumes; and the angle will tell if the bulb is able to illuminate large spaces or just to focus on something special.

comparativo-lumenesMost brands supply bulbs with 70 lumen per watt, so if we need to replace a 60w incandescent light we can buy a Led one with only 12w, which will allow us to save 48w.

images (1)It is also in favour of the Led lighting the fact that we can adjust the intensity and the amount of light according to our preferences, using dimmable Leds, and as another plus that the Led lights are not just white or variations of this colour; we can also find other colours from the RGB chart if we have any special preference.

And if, even after reading all this, you don´t feel ready to unscrew the incandescent light bulbs from your house, at Reformas Vistahermosa we will be more than happy to do it for you. Purchases over 120€ in Led bulbs have free fixing. No more burns and no more tendinitis: bet on the Led lighting, the new type of bulbs, more efficient, long-lasting, ecological and natural.