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gotas-flickrcomphotoscelesterc155892256We are made up of 75% water and changing the water in our bodies and stay hydrated is vital. Doctors insist, with increasing vehemence, that we must drink water not only when we feel thirsty and that the quantity of water we drink per day should be between a litre and a half to two litres. The problem in many of the Spanish provinces is that the tap water is not always the pure spring water we would expect it to be. With this we are not saying that it is not drinkable, just that sometimes it can be a hard water that does not fulfil at 100% our standards of colourless, odourless and tasteless.

O-picatura-de-apaHow many times did it happen to us to feel that our hair becomes frizzy or remains very smooth and bright when we go on holidays? This is also because of the hardness of the water and it makes us, especially the ladies, think how wonderful it would be to live in a city like that and it also makes us ask ourselves what would the effects on our bodies be if, apart from using the water for shower, we would use it for domestic consumption. If this is your case and you’re one of those lucky people who live in an area that has soft water, unless we have already fascinated you with the way we write, you can stop reading this article because your life is already wonderful enough.

pure2This article does not intend to sell miracle products that, over time, prove to be a big scam. This article has came up because we had the need to collect information about water quality and, after endless Internet searches and weighing whether a water is better than another or whether we should stop drinking water completely or not, we thought it would be a good idea to talk about the method that has convinced us, water purification by reverse osmosis. This way, you can decide for yourself which equipment best suits you, what is actually one of the team and if you really need one at home, being clear for us that you won´t need one if you’re one of those blessed to live in places such as Galicia and Salamanca.

esquema-osmosisThe reverse osmosis equipment that some of us already have at home and those we work with are five stages ones, easy to install and with a enough compact dimension to fit under the sink. They are water purification devices that promise to improve the quality of tap water, stopping us from having to be always aware of buying bottled water and from wasting so many plastic. With them we get quality water that is healthy both for us and for the children of the house.

Water filtration is done by filters which, to achieve their purpose, do not use chemical products and which decrease salt content, VOC and THM from water, causes of the bad taste and odour or the particles and microorganisms we can sometimes see inside it. Its desala11maintenance is done once a year by changing the three pre-filters, carbon and sediment, and changing the carbon post filter and RO membrane every two or three years, depending on the use we make of it. The equipment is accompanied by a pressure pump, in the case that the tap water pressure is lower than 2,5 bar, and a pressurized accumulator where the filtered water is stored until its used.

Reverse osmosis works with the help of water pressure that makes it pass through three pre-filters, two carbon ones and a sediments one, a membrane whose porous structure will only let water molecules pass through, and carbon post-filter through which the water passes from the accumulating tank to the tap.

462They´ll probably tell you that, in the process of producing filtered water, the osmosis equipment will waste a quantity of water that is too much compared to the filtered water it produces, but the fact is that in our homes water consumption has reached only about 10 euros more per trimester and, as we desire to protect the environment, we will gladly teach you tricks about how to economise with this tool and how to save that excess of water and use it to water the plants or wash the floors.

Our advice is that you should always try to stay hydrated, drinking at least the approach quantity of water suggested by the specialists in health, to stay active, and most importantly, to watch your health because you are an appreciated friend for us.

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