When modern is a trend

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578f00c5947262805134ef22591cc041Circles are no longer fashionable, what interests us now are squares and straight and clean lines, open spaces full of light and the pure white. We are talking about a type of decoration that is in full swing these days, the modern design.

This is a style that does not belong to the industrial or geometric nor minimalist styles, but thanks to the little nuances it has taken from them, it has achieved a special character which makes it very popular, especially among the young people. When you dd31ce045d88e87836623e2d92c2b91fwalk into a modern house, you immediately realize that the kitchen is not a kitchen, but an extension of the living room, the bathroom is not a bathroom but a spa as is due, the bedrooms are environments that invite to relaxation and the lounge is nothing else than a paradise of lights that sometimes merges with nature. The whole house invites you to think of purity, cleanliness and functionality.

They are innovative houses, since one of its pillars being technology, and functional, considering that the available spaces 3679492ccab9fc55654995203c030a22and cabinets permit to save inside them absolutely everything that should not be visible. Metal, wood, glass, bright white and large abstract art pieces are part of almost every house decorated with this style and away from making them appear cold and soulless, they transform them into cozy houses where you will quickly want to return after work.

The walls are decorated, as we said, with abstract paintings, but also with photo frames or photo murals. The sofas are key in this type of homes, representing the more confortable and important point for meetings. Kitchens, most of them merged with the living room, won´t remind us to those of our childhood, they are instead equivalent to a neatness where we will not see cutlery or glasses scattered all around; in them, everything has its place.

112b7c2ded72b7af9c2392ea29ac3e68A part of being complementary of the white, and with this one always present, this type of decoration also blends with neutral colours like gray or beige and together they mix with the accessories of a room, avoiding always gathering together too many colours in the same area. The black is also one of the tones that fits in modern decoration and mixed with white, they make magic, transforming our house into the epicentre of elegance.

Regarding to the lights, large windows provide during the day all the necessary brightness and, at night, lamps and bulbs will 79a2ebfd8e3356687c352951a2367261illuminate us with natural tones. The furniture is simple, preferably built-in, with the appearance of being part of a room instead a complement. Inside, they will be functional and have a drawer assigned to each object or item that have to be kept within them.

The bathroom is a place for recreation and delight. Everything inside is in harmony and invites you to take care of yourself and to enjoy a long hot bath or shower. The hallways may seem to be a museum, decorated with paintings or murals of photographies. The lounge, which even if is not a large one it has to look like it is, has simple and stylish decoration, and it does not have too many decorative items. The settee, preferably with low back and also called the king of the house, will be accompanied by other chairs or armchairs and its queen will be a glass or wooden white or light gray table sitting on top of a soft carpet, and on the whfb2c1db0d97a28ba734081cb19d9d488ich we will find candles or a vase of flowers. And speaking about flowers, this is a type of decoration that recycles, uses environmentally friendly materials and respects nature to the point of moving it indoors. It is not hard to find then small and modern gardens in the lounge or to see how the backyard or the terrace have become zen jungles.

The modern style is preferred lately by most of our customers and, if you also want be part of this great family, let us make your home reborn and become the white swan it deserves. But if this type of design does not fit you, do not worry, we will also take you under our wings.

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