What a pleasure to see it all gray

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fb905dde228353077099b807515988e8It´s finally Wednesday and it’s time to talk again about colours.

Many of us used to think that gray is a boring, monotonous and sad color, and to proof it there even are a few proverbs that define it as such. But, some time ago, we have discovered that this is not entirely true and we are decided today to change your opinion too so you can discover all the possibilities that your house can offer you.

4024ff528bdfa8200b8278df312da58eGray is a neutral color that brings elegance and sophistication to everything it touches. Of course, a gray sofa in the middle of a large living room with white walls will instil coldness and rejection, but we’re not here to talk about gray sofas. Like all the other colours,  gray offers a wide range of tonalities and it matches perfectly with the white. Together, gray and white, make the space seem more spacious and bright, embracing us in harmony.

44437b6edc7f50b1a9a2da9a40db221aAnd what about the combinations of gray and pink or coral? They will stand out over all the other existing colours, bringing grace, warmth and youth to a room. Combined with yellow, it makes it come alive and become the centre of attention of the room, and with green, your house will look like it is part of the nature. If you like those colour combinations that include gray, we suggest you to try a combination of three colours and you will succeed, try white and gray for your walls and other colours for the decorative elements of the room; you can choose pink cushions for a girl´s bedroom, brown sheets for a peaceful master bedroom, blue canvas for a modern living room or dark brown items for a rustic effect.

dc764e6e3a9531580fd02eece59cc04dWe recommend dark gray, without abusing, to highlight other strong colours, creating perfect contrasts. And if we think our house needs a touch of warmth, the best is to opt for light or warm grays.
This color does its job better than any other one in the industrial , nordic or modern style houses, achieving its goal of transmitting everything these three decorative styles have to transmit.It is also perfect for decorating bedrooms and living rooms because it g917535bd1d7f6ab686a03f979b327147ives serenity in moments of rest allowing us to have also a good time while in company of those who visit us because it is not an overwhelming or vibrant color.

If you think about it, gray is a color that offers infinite possibilities because of its ability to blend with the other colours turning each one of them into what they need, and because of the wide range of available tones it offers us: wolf, slate, mink pearl, arctic … Don´t you think now that it would be interesting to see it all, or at least one wall, painted in gray at home?

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