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il_340x270.452387154_30o9Today at Reformas Vistahermosa, we are celebrating. Two of our clients have just informed us of the arrival of their little girl and we want to Wish them all the best and dedicate them this article. We invite you to read it as well, all those who are waiting for one of these wonderful little creatures that fill us with love and also those who already have your children in your arms and you started to think that it’s the right time that they have their own corner in our home as well, not just in our hearts.

b46ad99a123e1d511eb6e861004c031bWe know that parenting fills us up with excitement and joy but also with fears and doubts. We think that nine months will be more than enough time to have everything ready before the baby comes, by then we would thought of the name, decorated his room and will have even enrolled him in school. The truth is 7d12c58e6c2a4cd359645a1d9553f3cdthat we are not aware of the amount of things we will have to prepare and to do, and nine months fly by. We want to give you a hand and help you with something we are experts in, reforms. At a certain point, your babies will need their own spaces and we will give you the necessary ideas to make their bedroom a dream.

56f05422523fea9f0c250144f819de59Today, “pink for girls and blue for boys” is no longer mandatory. We have discovered an explosion of colours that will suit every family in particular. Colours that mix together perfectly and even make friends with murals and stickers to decorate the walls. We recommend that you follow your instinct when choosing the color of the walls, transforming the baby’s room into a cozy and nice place where, between meals and stories, you will also spend many hours.

mural_infantil_niño_pintado_a_mano_goku_y_bolas_de_dragon_la-que-pinta_barcelona_biel-1They say that children are the mirror of the parents. We invite you then to decorate one of the walls with a photo-mural of Dragon-ball Z and, in the future, your son may be, after you, the biggest fan of this anime series. Are you passionate about reading? We can find, in the new bedroom, a special place for reading stories and shelves to hang the books to read before going to sleep and, someday, your baby will learn to love reading as much as you.303bb4971788f16bc1622a9d42c05cb7 If you do not like books nor anime or video games, maybe you are a traveller, if so, we will cover one wall of the room with a map of the world and when your baby will be a grown up will make a hobby from pointing out all the places he have visited . And if you are more traditional, light colours are very fashionable nowadays. White, gray, mint, coral, pale pink, earth tones … there are so many you can choose. Anyway, our main recommendation is that the baby’s room should be a warm and pleasant place in which both you and the baby can feel comfortable and relaxed. Another recommendation would be 6c03342658ef74f7241a09670aee95d4not to fill it up with toys and too many other childish objects or it could become overwhelming.

Your baby will need, apart from kisses, hugs, affection and food, of course, wardrobes, a cot and a changing table. Our suggestion is to try using all the available space you can and buying things that, in addition to beautiful, are functional. It would be ideal if the changing table would have drawers, saving space for the nappies, creams and oils. It would also be great if the cot would permit us taking the bars off to transform it into a normal bed or if the cabinets would have hanger rails so when they will be big kids, seeing hanging clothes will 228341744872d4ef43de8a98b6b21123make it easier for them to choose what to were, feeling more independent.

We will install anti-slip floors, will cover all the outlets of the house and will place protection fences to be prepared for the moment when they will start walking. We will use dim lights for the lamps and the ceiling and curtains for the windows because, although it is recommended for the baby´s room to be well illuminated, we don´t want it to disturbed the baby while when sleeping.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALet us decorate the bedroom of the newest member of your family and you will only have to be responsible of the carrycot, the layette, the toilet-bags, the buggy, the baby carrier, the wipes and creams, the high chair, the infant tube, the changing table, the clothes … because we know that a baby comes with a loaf under his arm, and with baby food, new wardrobes and clothes, illusions and laughs and lots of body stockings to wash and nappies to change.

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