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9c7a354a5ef607b3d76cd2a8321961d7Almost every women, and a few men, have dreamed, at a certain point, about the idea of having a dressing room. And the thing it that it´s impossible not to do it when so many television programs show us these days all those beautiful and spacious closets inside which, apart of storing all our clothes, we could get lost. It may be for the same reason that we often think a dressing should occupy half of a house and that our house is too small ti have one, but the reality is different and there are dressing rooms of all sizes and for all tastes.

Before we start planning how how are we going to store our clothes in our new dressing we should decide which is the best place to build it. fac4786b5fd5bc20561816aa7c3feaabThe ideal dressing is placed in the bedroom, like a smaller room full of cabinets inside our room. Despite this, it could also be great one that uses extra space of a bathroom that turned out to be too big and seems to be always empty, one next to our bedroom using the space of a  corridor that is too large or any other place where building it would be comfortable. As we see, a dressing does not necessarily have to be inside our bedroom or next to it, it could even use a room that we reserved for the office and we never got to use.

3a83f55b0861af772bc6f0768bcf4d67The dressing room is where we store our own clothes or the whole family. It allows us to keep everything organized. The shelves and drawers can be used to store, in addition to clothing, beauty products, and it can also have a corner for a dressing table stopping us from having to run in the morning from one place to another trying to find the perfect mirror or the right light to put our make up on. We could also have a place for the shoes and it might even be used for the ironing.

e1a6eebdee4d7b9b55a28ce9bbe2a7c7There are endless possibilities for a dressing, different sizes, different shapes and colours. We will paint and decorate a small closet with light colours making it look bigger and with dark colours if it is a man´s dressing. Cabinets and drawers can be placed on one wall, on two walls in “L” shape or in parallel, or “U” shaped. It should be warm and cozy and we recommend the use of straight lines and smooth colours, that prevent it from being tiresome.

Lighting is also key because it allows us to find easier our favourite outfits or small objects from a drawer. A mirror will help us when it comes to get dressed, and a large one would be ideal. And finally, a puff or chair will be very useful when having to put our shoes on.

cff794a28e11a67f99f09a7e2827babdIf our kids clothing is stored in a dressing room, putting it vertically, on hangers, will make them decide easily what to wear; it also works for those undecided adults and the ones always in a hurry. And to make it even easier, many stores offer us accessories for our wardrobes, such as bars, hangers with different uses, boxes or crates.

But if, even after knowing that a dressing room doesn´t need all the space we initially a15acfa12c1e01ecf09c20a9be591152though, your house doesn´t allow you to have one, you might be interested in a built-in closet that can also give us great ideas and choices for keeping the clothing. A built-in closet may be placed along one wall or more, and it could even result more suitable and confortable than a dressing room.

With your ideas, our hands will use the extra space of your house to build a wonderful dressing… or a built-in closet.

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