Bath tubs, shower screens and shower trays

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Changing the bathtub for a shower tray is one of the most demanded services lately but at the same time, is one of the renovations the frighten us the most.


We assume it would be difficult to perform, but the truth is that the job will only take between 24 and 48 hours. We also suppose we may find ourselves one day thinking about taking a hot and relaxing bath surrounded by foam, but if we think clearly, how many times have we had that dreamt bath this year when a shower after a hard day at work can be even more relaxing and immediate.



Here, at Reformas Vistahermosa, we want to show you the benefits of changing the old tub for a modern shower that will save you money on the water bill and that promises to be environment friendly.

- In comparison to a large bathtub, the shower, even one of the same size, will give us the sensation of having a bigger bathroom. And if the available space for the shower is a small one, the huge range of models gives us the freedom to play with the sizes that convince us the most.doccia-ardesia

- Filling up the bathtub, apart of having to wait for it to fill, means for us using an average quantity of 200 litres of water while the shower would only use about 50 to 100 litres. If we estimate the cost of this, it doesn´t seem to be too much, but we would also have to estimate the cost on the electrical bill and how much it damages the environment.

- The materials our suppliers work with, besides of being visually attractive, are safe; our shower trays are made with anti-slip materials and our shower screens are made of security glass.

1- In case we may have a disabled person living with us, replacing the bath tub may be the best option for their confort and security. The new shower trays and screens can be equipped with anti-slip support bars allowing them to have a greater degree of independence and autonomy.

Another one of the advantages of the shower will be the low maintenance it needs, since the materials they use, the space they occupy and their structure are easy to clean.

And finally, we could not forget such an important aspect as the design. Our showers are made with modern materials and have stylish lines that promise to change the whole appearance of your bathroom.   

So, what about you? Have you decided yet?